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Grant Categories

Any grant activities postponed during the pandemic must have concluded before applying for additional grants. Other SEMAC grant categories are outlined below.

School Residency Grants

The School Residency grant is intended to support artist residencies in schools. A residency is an interactive arts activity involving K-12 students, teachers, and artists. Residencies provide young people with a direct arts experience with artists, as well as encourage the artist’s professional development by providing a unique employment experience and audience contact. Residencies must be based upon a well-defined educational experience that is at least one full day or up to five school days in length, and culminate in a capstone event showcasing the students that is accessible and open to the public.

  • $3,000 School Residency grants are available for the school year 2022-23.
  • Matching funds are never required for School Residency grants.
  • Recipients of School Residency grants are eligible to reapply annually.
  • The submission deadline is thirty days prior to the planned artist residency.