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Misuse of SEMAC Funds

In July 2019, SEMAC implemented a Misuse of Funds Procedure for all grants funded by the Minnesota Legislature and the Minnesota Legacy Amendment or Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund.

All Grantees are required to acknowledge that they reviewed the SEMAC Misuse of Funds Procedure when signing their contracts.

Be advised that there are tiered consequences for misuse of funds based on the grant amounts and the Grantee’s actions. Please review this procedure PDF.

SEMAC COVID-19 Response

Please visit Minnesota Citizens for the Arts Coronavirus Resource Center. Click here.

SEMAC remains committed to the safety, health, and wellness of our community. The SEMAC office remains closed to the public until further notice. Contact us at staff(at) or leave a voicemail at 507-281-4848.

All current grantees, please take note of the following. This notice is also paragraph 8 of the contracts for grants awarded during the pandemic.

If your grant activity or capstone event will be impacted by ongoing COVID-19 constraints or regulations, contact the SEMAC office immediately for further instructions. Possible restrictions range from getting approval to pay artists but postponing an event to a requirement that grant funds be returned, depending on your particular circumstances.

As new guidance becomes available we will communicate any changes to our policies and procedures by email or on this website.