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Mower County

Arts & Cultural Heritage or Legacy grants were awarded to these organizations in Mower County.

Austin Area Arts

$10,000 in FY2013 for Austin Artworks Festival
$10,000 in FY2015 for Austin Artworks Festival Music
$10,000 in FY2017 for Kids Visual Arts Education
$5,500 in FY2018 for Kids Visual Arts Education
$4,500 in FY2018 for ArtRocks Open Jam Sessions
$5,500 in FY2019 for Kids Visual Art Education
$10,000 in FY2020 for Austin ArtWorks Festival 2020
$6,000 in FY2021 for Live Music at the Austin ArtWorks Festival.
$10,000 in FY2022 for Introducing Aerosol Arts to Rural Audiences
$10,000 in FY2023 for Emerging Artists Supports for ArtWorks Festival

Austin Community Charitable Fund

$10,000 in FY2012 for Austin Artworks Festival Artist Fees

Austin Culture & Arts Commission

$5,000 in FY2021 for Crowd Sourced Metal Sculpture at 4th Ave Fest
$10,000 in FY2022 for Live Music at the Cedar River Farmer’s Market
$10,000 in FY2023 for Mural Celebrating Diverse Community Members

Austin Symphony Orchestra

$7,500 in FY2011 for Connecting Community Through Music, Art and Dance
$10,000 in FY2012 for Make New Friends but Keep the Old
$10,000 in FY2013 for A Musical Potpourri
$10,000 in FY2014 for Concord of Sweet Sounds
$10,000 in FY2015 for A Picturesque Travelogue
$10,000 in FY2016 for Homecoming 60th Season
$10,000 in FY2017 for With Strings Attached
$10,000 in FY2018 for Jubilation
$10,000 in FY2019 for Season 63 symphonic Magic
$10,000 in FY2022 for ASO Concert Season 2022-23
$10,000 for Celebrating our 2023-2024 Season

Northwestern Singers

$4,000 in FY2010 for Annual Spring Concert
$2,195 in FY2011 for Spring Concert

Riverland Community College

$10,000 in FY2019 for Our Austin, Our America: Celebrating Diversity
$5,000 in FY2022 for Our Austin, Our America, Embracing Diversity

Summerset Community Theatre

$10,000 in FY2017 for 50th Anniversary Season
$10,000 in FY2019 for Season 52 – Mermaid Mama!
$10,000 in FY2020 for Mary Rocks Season 53
$10,000 in FY2022 for Mary Rocks Again – Season 54
$10,000 in FY2023 for A Rotten, Curious Season 55

Welcome Center

$2,180 in FY2023 for Inviting Table Community Dinners