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Goodhue County

Arts & Cultural Heritage or Legacy grants were awarded to these organizations in Goodhue County.

Anderson Center at Tower View 

$3,725 in FY2012 for Poetry Reading by Ted Kooser, former U.S. Poet Laureate
$3,000 in FY2013 for Summer Jazz Experience
$7,170 in FY2015 for Heartland, Celebrating America’s Midwest
$5,000 in FY2017 for Two Trains Runnin’ Documentary
$5,000 in FY2017 for Poetry Reading with Afaa Michael Weaver and Marcus Wicker
$6,985 in FY2019 for In Place: Residency as Artistic Utopia
$10,000 in FY2022 for Books in the Barn Poet Engagement Program
$10,000 in FY2023 for Minnesota Children’s Book Festival


$3,200 in FY2010 for art classes with Remedy for at-risk middle school students
$10,000 in FY2020 for Art for All 2020

Cannon Falls Area Historical Society

$9,510 in FY2013 for Heritage Mural, FY2015 $10,000 for Historic Mural

Cannon Falls High School

$3,200 in FY2012 for Copper Street Brass Quintet Residency

Fairview Red Wing Health Services

$5,400 in FY2012 for Sheldon at Fairview: Arts for Your Health

Goodhue County 4-H Federation

$3,450 in FY2020 for Missoula Children’s Theatre Presentation

Goodhue County Historical Society

$10,000 in FY2017 for Quilters Musical

Hispanic Outreach of Goodhue County

$8,000 in FY2017 for Hispanic Heritage Festival
$10,000 in FY2018 for Hispanic Heritage Festival
$10,000 in FY2019 for Hispanic Heritage Festival
$6,000 in FY2021 for Hispanic Heritage Festival 2021
$5,000 in FY2022 for Hispanic Heritage Festival 2021

Friends of the Sheldon

$6,845 in FY2013 for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Kenyon-Wanamingo Schools

$4,000 in FY2012 for Copper Street Brass Quintet Residency

Mayo Clinic Health System in Red Wing

$5,380 in FY2013 for Sheldon Presents Arts for Your Health
$8,530 in FY2015 for Sheldon Presents Arts for Your Health

Picaresque II

$10,000 in FY2010 for The Story of Music, Stories from Home
$2,450 fin FY2011 or The Story of Music, Stories from Home
$4,300 in FY2012 for The Story of Music, Stories from Home

Pottery Museum of Red Wing

$10,000 in FY2023 for Red Wing Pottery Historic Kiln Restoration

Red Wing Arts

$8,525 in FY2017 for Stories in Stitches
$10,000 in FY2018 for Main Street
$10,000 in FY2019 for Graffiti as an Artform
$10,000 in FY2020 for Red Wing Arts Plein Air
$10,000 in FY2022 for Poet Artist Collaboration 2022
$10,000 in FY2023 for Poet Artist Collaboration 2023

Red Wing Downtown Main Street

$5,000 in FY2022 for Alive with Artists Downtown
$5,000 in FY2023 for Summer of Creative

Red Wing Innovation Incubator

$5,000 in FY2022 for River Town Arts Festival

Sheldon Theatre of Performing Arts

$10,000 in FY2013 for Sheldon School of the Performing Arts
$10,000 in FY2016 for Touring Artists in Residence Arts Outreach Program
$10,000 in FY2017 for Touring Artists in Community
$10,000 in FY2018 for Extended Artist Residencies
$10,000 in FY2019 for Community Performances Residencies 2019-20 Season
$10,000 in FY2022 for Community Performance Residencies 2022-2023 Season

Sheldon Theatre Brass Band

$5,455 in FY2019 for 30th Anniversary Concert