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Fillmore County

Arts & Cultural Heritage or Legacy grants were awarded to these organizations in Fillmore County.

City of Harmony 

$10,000 in FY2013 for Musicians of Harmony

Commonweal Theatre Company 

$20,000 in FY2010 for Commonweal Presents
$10,000 in FY2012 for Post Apprentice Fellowship
$10,000 in FY2013 for Ibsen Tour
$3,000 in FY2014 for Vectorworks Spotlight Software
$10,000 in FY2017 for The Wealhouse Series
$10,000 in FY2018 for Outreach Program

Dreamery Rural Arts Initiative 

$6,000 in FY2010 for Play! in the Barn
$4,200 in FY2011 for Play! In the Barn
$3,200 in FY2012 for Play! In the Barn
$4,600 in FY2017 for Summer Performance Series

Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center 

$6,400 in FY2010 for Stringwood Festival Concerts and Masterclass
$6,800 in FY2011 for Stringwood Festival Concerts
$9,200 in FY2012 for Stringwood Festival Concerts
$9,750 in FY2013 for Stringwood Festival
$10,000 in FY2014 for Stringwood Festival
$10,000 in FY2015 for Stringwood Festival
$10,000 in FY2016 for Stringwood Festival
$10,000 in FY2017 for Stringwood Festival
$10,000 in FY2018 for Stringwood Festival
$10,000 in FY2019 for Stringwood Festival
$5,000 in FY2023 for Stringwood Chamber Music on the Hill in Lanesboro

Fillmore Central Schools 

$3,200 in FY2012 for Copper Street Brass Quintet Residency

Friends of Peterson 

$4,930 in FY2017 for Gammel Dag Fest
$6,850 in FY2018 for Gammel Dag Fest
$7,975 in FY2020 for Gammel Dag Fest
$10,000 in FY2022 for Gammel Dag – A Scandinavian Midsummer Celebration
$10,000 in FY2023 for Gammel Dag – A Scandinavian Midsummer Celebration

History Alive Lanesboro 

$4,800 in FY2017 for Pop-up Plays Lanesboro 1930s
$8,800 in FY2019 for Pop-up Plays Founding Lanesboro 1869

Lanesboro Arts 

$12,000 in FY2010 for educational workshops on iron casting and sculpture creation
$9,000 in FY2011 for Artist Residencies
$9,200 in FY2012 for Artist Residencies
$8,950 in FY2013 for Artist Residencies
$8,800 in FY2014 for Artist Residencies
$7,000 in FY2015 for Artist Residencies
$10,000 in FY2016 for Artist Residencies
$10,000 in FY2018 for Performing Artist Engagement Program
$10,000 in FY2019 for Visual & Performing Artist Engagement
$10,000 in FY2020 for Performing Artist Engagement Program
$6,000 in FY2021 for “Disrupting the Binding”-Rural Racial Justice
$10,000 in FY2022 for Disrupting the Binding – Rural Racial Justice
$10,000 in FY2023 for Disrupting the Binding: Social Justice in Rural MN

Lanesboro Businesses Promotion Group

$4,980 in FY2023 for Downtown Art Pocket Park

Lanesboro Historical Preservation Association

$4,000 in FY2016 for History Alive!

Lanesboro Public Library 

$6,980 in FY2014 for The Libraries Grow Community Mural

Northland Words 

$10,000 in FY2010 for theater opportunities and classes for young people
$31,365 in FY2011 for Production Season
$38,759 in FY2011 for Production Season
$10,000 in FY2012 for Jr. Troupe and Shakespeare Productions
$10,000 in FY2013 for Jr. Troupe and Shakespeare Productions
$10,000 in FY2014 for Jr. Troupe and Shakespeare Productions
$10,000 in FY2017 for Their Imaginary Forces: Original Shakespeare-inspired Music and Play
$10,000 in FY2018 for Roguish Peasant Slave

Peterson Committee for the Arts 

$7,400 in FY2016 for Gammel Dag Fest

Preston Area Arts Council 

$10,000 in FY2016 for Hooked on Preston Community Mural

Wit’s End Theatre 

$6,200 in FY2012 for Costuming The Last Boy in Blue

Wykoff Historical Society 

$4,800 in FY2013 for Facing Wykoff, USA