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Dodge County

Arts & Cultural Heritage or Legacy grants were awarded to these organizations in Dodge County.

Berne Summer Concert Series

$10,000 in FY2017 for Berne Summer Concerts
$10,000 in FY2018 for Berne Summer Concerts

Dodge County Historical Society

$3,285 in FY2013 for Wasioja Civil War Days

Mantorville Art Guild

$10,000 in FY2014 for Summer Youth Art Camps
$10,000 in FY2017 for Summer Youth Art Camps
$10,000 in FY2018 for 2018 Summer Youth Art Camps
$10,000 in FY2019 for 2019 Summer Youth Art Camps
$6,000 in FY2021 for Summer Art Camp 2021
$10,000 in FY2022 for Summer Youth Art Camp
$10,000 in FY2023 for Youth Summer Art Camp 2023

Mantorville Economic Development Authority

$5,300 in FY2014 for Old Tyme Days; FY2015 $10,000 for Stagecoach Days
$5,000 in FY2023 for Larger than Life 2023 Support