Pandemic Relief Grants

Phase 2 of Pandemic Relief for Working Artists is still available.  This category will remain open until allocated funds are exhausted.  Individual artists who can demonstrate a loss of essential artistic income due to the pandemic, but did not previously receive that same grant during Phase 1, are encouraged to apply for these $1,500 grants.  Funds for Pandemic Relief grants will be released approximately sixty days after the application is submitted.  Projects and/or capstone events are NOT required for this grant.

Go to the Grant Applications page for access to the grant interface.

Pandemic Relief for Arts Organizations is open to all arts organizations in the SEMAC Region.  The one-time $5,000 grant is offered this year to assist arts organizations in the region to keep their doors open.  Funds may be requested for rent, utilities, or staffing needs. No programming costs or expenses already covered by general operating support grants or PPP loans are allowed. This category will remain open until funds are exhausted. Funding is limited.