Our Next Deadline

SEMAC announces a call for proposals from individual artists in two categories: Emerging Artists and Advancing Artists. All proposed projects must begin no earlier than Septembere 1, 2019 and be completed within twelve months, culminating in a Capstone Event that is accessible and open to the public.  Online Applications will be available throughout June.  The LOI stage of the application must be completed by June 24, and the  Submission Deadline is Monday, July 1, 2019.

Individual Artist Grants

To encourage the development of entirely original artistic works, SEMAC offers two distinct grants for individual artists.

No matching funds are required for Individual Artist Grants.  Grants to individual artists are taxable income.  Consult a tax adviser if you have questions about taxable income.

Proposals will be accepted from individual artists who are 18 or older, not currently enrolled in high school, and are full-time residents of the SEMAC region.

The individual artist grant program is generously supported by a private foundation.