Springboard for the Arts Presents - Health Insurance for Artists

Getting covered, 5 things to know;

  1. It's the Law.
  2. MNsure is the place to go.
  3. Don't miss signing up.
  4. Apply for public health insurance anytime.
  5. Life happens.

Using MNsure, 5 things to know;

  1. Not sure what insurance you qualify for?
  2. Any Minnesotan can get insured through MNsure.
  3. You're protected by the law.
  4. You'll be asked to estimate your earnings.
  5. Once you have it, keep it!

Springboard is a MNsure Assister and they can help (for free!).  Visit springboardforthearts.org/health-wellness for more information.  Contact Nikki Hunt at Springboard by using the contact form on the Springboard Web site.