SEMAC Announces Change to General Operating Support

The SEMAC Board of Directors recently authorized a procedural change for all General Operating Support Grants, effective Fiscal Year 2018. Starting in July 2017, there will no longer be two grant deadlines per fiscal year for General Operating Support, nor will applications be subject to a review process by the SEMAC Arts Advisory Panel. The procedure will be ongoing and all applications will be authorized directly by the Board of Directors.

Each fiscal year a pool of money will be set aside for General Operating Support. Qualified arts organizations with annual operating expenses under $166,000 may apply once per fiscal year (July 1 to June 30) for $4,000 in funding to support staffing and salaries, equipment purchase, facilities and maintenance, or other administrative expenses. Funds may not be used for programming expenses. The Board of Directors will consider applications on a case-by-case basis until the funding pool is exhausted.

Grantees will continue to sign contractual agreements, write letters of thanks to state legislators, and submit final reports, which will be monitored by the Board of Directors. The Board will use this information in conjunction with online applications when considering future applications from a particular organization.

Springboard for the Arts Presents - Health Insurance for Artists

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Springboard is a MNsure Assister and they can help (for free!).  Visit springboardforthearts.org/health-wellness for more information.  Contact Nikki Hunt at Springboard by using the contact form on the Springboard Web site.