Grant Deadlines

As the grant interface is available 24/7, all LOI, Application and Report deadlines are 11:59pm (just before midnight)
Applications may be submitted up to 30 days prior to the deadline, but will not be accepted the day after the deadline,
regardless of whether a deadline falls on a weekend.

LOI Stage for all Grants

Every SEMAC grant application contains an eligibility or LOI stage, which must be completed at least one week prior to the application submission deadline.  Applicants cannot access the full application until the LOI stage has been approved by SEMAC.  We encourage all applicants to complete the LOI stage (or meet the pre-screening due date) as quickly as possible during the month before the application deadline to allow sufficient time for accurate and thoughtful completion of the grant application.

Final Reports

Final Reports for all Grantees are due 30 days after the project end date.  Reports are assigned through the grant interface and may be found in the Follow Up Forms section on the Applicant Dashboard.  All Grantees are required to send letters of appreciation to their senators and representatives in the Minnesota State Legislature.  Sample Thank You Letter

General Operating Support

Eligible small and medium arts organizations may apply for $4,000 in administrative support beginning July 1 each fiscal year. The submission window will remain open until allocated funds are exhausted. For more information, preview the grant application on the grant interface.

School Residency Grants

Applying for the School Residency Grant program for grades K-12 has no set deadline, although grants are only available until all allocated funds for the fiscal year (July 1 to June 30) are exhausted.  Funds are available when the application is visible on the grant interface.  Applications must be submitted at least sixty days before the planned artist residency. Proposed residencies are accepted from any public or non-religious private school in the SEMAC Region and must culminate in a Capstone Event that is accessible and open to the public.

For all other categories, application submission deadlines are listed below, with corresponding LOI due dates one week prior to each submission deadline.  Unless otherwise noted, projects must begin at least 60 days after the submission deadline date.

July 1 – for projects beginning September 1 or later

October 1 – for projects beginning December 1 or later

February 1 – for projects beginning April 1 or later

April 1 – for projects beginning June 1 or later

Nominal ongoing grants have less restrictive application deadlines.