Grant Opportunities for Individual Artists


Pandemic Relief for Working Artists

Phase 2 Pandemic Relief for Working Artists is still available.  This category will remain open until allocated funds are exhausted.  Individual artists who can demonstrate a loss of essential artistic income due to the pandemic, but did not previously receive that same grant during Phase 1, are encouraged to apply for these $1,500 grants.  Funds for Pandemic Relief grants will be released approximately sixty days after the application is submitted.  Projects and/or capstone events are NOT required for this grant.

Go to the Grant Applications page for access to the grant interface.

Individual Artist Grants

Competitive Individual Artist Grants are awarded to encourage the development of entirely original work by artists who are full-time residents of the SEMAC Region.  Original creations in each of the five artistic disciplines - Dance, Literary Arts, Music, Theatre and Visual Arts, as well as interdisciplinary work- will be considered. The original work must culminate in a public showcasing or Capstone Event, via publication, performance, or exhibition, at an accessible venue provided by a non-profit organization.  If in-person capstone events are still not possible, virtual events will be acceptable.