Grant Categories

Funding for Individual Artists

SEMAC will award Individual Artist Grants to encourage the development of entirely original work by both Emerging Artists and Advancing Artists from the region.  Original creations in each of the five artistic disciplines - Dance, Literary Arts, Music, Theatre and Visual Arts, as well as interdisciplinary work- will be considered. The original work must be earmarked for a public showcasing, via publication, performance, or exhibition, at an accessible venue provided by a non-profit arts organization.

Grants specifically for Organizations include the following categories.

Arts & Cultural Heritage

The Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund will support activities in three key areas:  1) Arts and Arts Access,  2) Arts Education,  3) Arts and Cultural Heritage. 
SEMAC encourages applicants to research and develop projects that incorporate two or more of the key areas with an emphasis on creating lasting partnerships among regional nonprofit arts organizations and other nonprofit groups.

Potential applicants, please be advised.  Before starting an application, representatives from nonprofit organizations that have not previously applied for the Arts & Cultural Heritage Grant program must email the SEMAC Director to discuss the proposed project. This procedure will confirm whether the organization is eligible to apply and also whether the organization has an eligible arts project.  Applicants who fail to contact us may be declared ineligible.

Arts Management Training

SEMAC offers Arts Management Training Grants to help regional nonprofit arts groups send key staff, board and volunteers to management education workshops, seminars or conferences.  Examples of management training topics include fundraising, audience development, financial management, organizational development, marketing, and volunteer management.

General Operating Support

Proposals requesting funds for administrative expenses will be accepted from eligible nonprofit arts organizations that have been programming for a minimum of three years.  The purpose of these grants is to strengthen and stabilize small and medium arts organizations.  (Colleges and universities are not eligible.) 

Opportunity Grants

Opportunity grants provide assistance to nonprofit arts organizations and schools or educational institutions for “sudden” projects.  These grants are intended to enable artists, organizations, and schools to take advantage of opportunities that arise with little advance notice.

Presenter/Production Assistance

Programming grants are offered twice a year to support activities directly involved in the creation, performance, publication, and exhibition of the arts in Southeastern Minnesota with three distinct funding categories.

School Residencies

The School Residency grant is intended to support artist residencies in schools.  A residency is an interactive arts activity involving K-12 students, teachers, and artists.  Residencies provide young people with a direct arts experience with artists, as well as encourage the artist’s professional development by providing a unique employment experience and audience contact.  Residencies must be based upon a well-defined project and at least one full day or up to five full school days in length, and culminate in a capstone event that is accessible and open to the public.

Small Towns/Rural Areas

SEMAC wishes to support and encourage the creation and development of art and arts organizations in communities with populations under 7,500.  This support may be used for assistance in activities, which directly involve the creation, performance, publication, or exhibition of art.