General Operating Support

Grants of $4,000 may be awarded once per fiscal year (July to June) to qualified small and medium arts organizations in the SEMAC Region. Matching funds are not required. General Operating support may be used for staffing and salaries, equipment purchase, facilities and maintenance, or other administrative expenses.

In addition to the general eligibility requirements for SEMAC funding, arts organizations meeting all of the following conditions are invited to apply for General Operating Support.

  1. Been in existence and offering programming for at least three years.
  2. Established federal tax exempt 501(c)(3) or equivalent status.
  3. Total operating expenses less than $166,000 in the previous year.
  4. Within the past two fiscal years has not received Operating Support from the Minnesota State Arts Board (MSAB).
  5. No overdue or unapproved final or interim reports from a previous SEMAC grant.

SEMAC funding may not be requested for any of these expenses.