Winona County

Arts & Cultural Heritage grants awarded to organizations in Winona County include:

City of Winona Community Services

FY2011 $10,000 for Family Art Day Extravaganza;†FY2013 $10,000 for Family Art Day Extravaganza;†FY2015 $10,000 for Family Art Day Extravaganza;†FY2016 $10,000 for Family Art Day Extravaganza;†FY2017†$10,000 for Family Art Day Extravaganza

Friends of Whitewater State Park

FY2019 $10,000 for Theater in the Park

Frozen River Film Festival

FY2012 $10,000 for Festival;†FY2013 $10,000 for Festival;†FY2014 $10,000 for Festival;†FY2015 $10,000 for Festival;†FY2016 $10,000 for Festival;†FY2017 $10,000 for Inclusive Marketing;†FY2018 $10,000 for Marketing Assistance;†FY2019 $10,000 for Marketing Assistance; FY2020†$7,692 for Frozen Riverís Year-Round Documentary Film Program; FY2021 $6,000 for†Teen Documentary Intensive

Great River Shakespeare Festival

FY2012 $10,000 for Workshop and Staged Reading of Georama;†FY2013 $8,605 for Concerts on the Green Series;†FY2014 $10,000 for Concerts on the Green Series;†FY2015 $10,000 for Concerts on the Green;†FY2016 $10,000 for Concerts on the Green;†FY2017 $10,000 for Concerts on the Green;†FY2018 $10,000 for Concerts on the Green;†FY2019 $10,000 for Apprentice Actor Training Program Performances; FY2020†$10,000 for 2020 Apprentice Actor Training Program

Land Stewardship Project

FY2011 $8,300 for Look Who's Knockin' on Grandma's Door

Mid West Music Fest

FY2014- $10,000 for Developing a Community-Supported Music Festival;†FY2015 $10,000 for Sounds Like School;†FY2018 $10,000 for Festival Production Assistance; FY2020†$10,000 for Music Talent for Mid West Music Fest

Minnesota Marine Art Museum

FY2011 $39,990 for Regional Artist Community Engagement Initiative;†FY2012 $10,000 for Craig Blacklock's Lake Superior;†FY2013 $6,855 for Youth Art Month Programming;†FY2013 $3,140 for Tri-State Invitational;†FY2014 $9,905 for New Photographs by Chris Faust;†FY2016 $9,405 for Two Prominent Minnesota Photographers;†FY2017 $9,850 for Minnesota Illustrated†by Adam Turman; FY2018 $10,000 for Water Portraits by Mary Solberg; FY2019 $10,000 for Alex Soth: Sleeping by the Mississippi; FY2020†$10,000 for Gregory Euclide: Observation Infiltration; FY2021 $6,000 for†David Bowen: The Journey

Project FINE

FY2012 $10,000 for Cultural Art and Ancestry;†FY2013 $10,000 for Cultural Art and Ancestry;†FY2014 $10,000 for Hearing the Voices of Refugees and Immigrants;†FY2015 $9,775 for Exploring Hmong Art and Culture;†FY2016 $9,910 for Cultural Arts & Ancestry African Percussion and Drum Circle;†FY2017†$9,880 for Hearing the Voices: Digital Edition

River Arts Alliance

FY2015 $10,000 for Hiawatha Band Communications Fence Project;†FY2017†$10,000 for HBC History of Communications Fence Project 2017, FY2018 $9,000 for Family Art Day

Saint Mary's University of Minnesota Performance Center

FY2016 $6,500 for†Community Engagement Programs;†FY2018 $10,000 for†Arab-American Artists Series; FY2019 $10,000 for†Page Series Community Programs

SEED Performance Art

FY2012 $10,000 for The Experiment Performance Series

Theatre du Mississippi

FY2014 $10,000 for Programming Season;†FY2016 $10,000 for Programming Season;†FY2017 $10,000 for Theatrical Productions;†FY2018 $10,000 for 2018 Productions

Winona Area Public Schools

FY2011 $8,330 to expand artist residency programs;†FY2014 $6,000 for Winona Senior High Film Making Project

Winona Art Center

FY2021 $4,145 for†Art in the Time of Covid

Winona County Historical Society

FY2014 $9,215 for The Art of Fine Furniture;FY2015 $7,180 for The Art of Fine Furniture;†FY2016 $8,015 for The Art of Fine Furniture;†FY2017 $9,170 for The Art of Fine Furniture "Inspired"; FY2018 $8,110 for The Art of Fine Furniture; FY2019 $7,660 for The Art of Fine Furniture 2019

Winona Dakota Unity Alliance

FY2013 $10,000 for Great Dakota Gathering;†FY2014 $10,000 for Great Dakota Gathering;†FY2015 $10,000 for Great Dakota Gathering;†FY2017†$10,000 for 2017 Great Dakota Gathering,†Homecoming, & Powwow;†FY2019 $10,000 for 2019 Great Dakota Gathering and Wacipi (powwow)

Winona International Friendship Association

FY2020†$10,000 for Kashubian Capital Centennial Celebration 2020

Winona State University Art Collection

FY2020†$4 ,800 for Contextualizing the John Socha Mural

Winona State University Arts Administration

FY2012 $3,505 for Summer Shakespeare Symposiums;†FY2016 $4,000 for Guest Artist Charles Lazarus at Spring Music Gala

Winona Symphony Orchestra

FY2017 $7,000 for Children's Concert for Area 3rd and 4th Graders;†FY2018 $10,000 for Children's Concert;†FY2019 $10,000 for Winona Area Children's Concert; FY2021 $6,000 for†Children's Concert/Music in the Schools Program