Steele County

Arts & Cultural Heritage grants awarded to organizations in Steele County include:

Cultural Diversity Network of Owatonna

FY2016 $8,400 for CulturFest; FY2017 $8,650 for CulturFest; FY2018 $10,000 for CulturFest 20th Anniversary

Main Street Mural Committee

FY2011 $10,000 for Mural Project

Minnesota State Public School Orphanage Museum

FY2013 $6,808 for Reader's Theatre Production

Owatonna Arts Center

FY2010 $10,000 for a marathon of clay pot throwing; FY2012 $10,000 for Children's/Teen Education Supervisor; FY2013 $10,000 for Owatonna Festival of the Arts

Riverland Community College

FY2011 $7,805 for Community Corrections Public Mural Project; FY2012 $10,000 for Community Corrections Public Mural Project

Vega Productions

FY2010 $5,500 for After School Guitar Program; FY2011 $14,600 for After School Guitar Program; FY2012 $7,590 for After School Guitar Program