Arts Advisory Panel

The Arts Advisory Panel is comprised of representatives from each of the five artistic disciplines – Dance, Literature, Music, Theatre, and Visual Arts – and generalists who demonstrate strong involvement in support of the arts in the SEMAC region.  The Panel is responsible for reviewing grant applications and making funding recommendations to the Board of Directors. 

Assembled through an open nomination process, panelists are appointed by the Board of Directors based on their artistic expertise and critical skills in their respective disciplines.  To nominate someone for a term on the Arts Advisory Panel, please contact the SEMAC office.

Discipline Panelist Description
Dance Hollybeth Anderson a successful choreographer and dance instructor, actively involved with community arts projects and The Rochester Civic Theatre Company in several capacities
Literary Arts Beth Nienow accomplished musician and literary artist with advanced degrees in literature and educational leadership, as well as past SEMAC service
Literary Arts Pamela Whitfield Faculty of English & Humanities at RCTC, writer, actor, award winning educator and poet
Music David Kassler professional musician with experience in performance, conducting and composition, recipient of a SEMAC Individual Artist Grant to compose and perform chamber music
Music Ruth Lincoln extensive music and voice background, having lectured and performed both light and classical opera, also actively engaged with theatre and the visual arts
Theatre Aaron Young managing director of the Great River Shakespeare Festival, pianist and singer, serves on the membership committee of the National Alliance for Music Theatre
Theatre Merritt Olsen professional actor, former executive director, Performing Arts Center of Rapid City, with leadership background at various equity and community theatre groups across the country
Visual Arts Dave Casey assistant curator of education and exhibitions at the Minnesota Marine Art Museum in Winona, freelance musician performing with a variety of groups across multiple genres
Generalist vacancies nominations accepted by contacting director(at)